Other Shows

In my downtime, I take commissions to illustrate older shows.  These are usually for gifts, honoring where someone first met, or a memorable show. I usually include something in the header specific for the recipient  These are usually very small editions, and some are available for sale.  Feel free to contact me (at the bottom of the page) for more info, or if there is a certain show you’d like commissioned.

2012 8/19/2012 Bill Graham San Francisco CA https://imgur.com/DCwW6YD Purchase n/a
2012 8/31/2012 Dicks Commerce City CO https://imgur.com/Fx8T5Qj Purchase n/a
2012 9/1/2012 Dicks Commerce City CO https://imgur.com/Z231sou Purchase n/a
2012 12/31/2012 MSG New York NY https://imgur.com/nZgCF8A Purchase Purchase
2011 6/11/2011 MPP Columbia MD https://imgur.com/A49aTdE Purchase Purchase
2011 8/15/2011 UIC Pavilion Chicago IL https://imgur.com/3TTDItv Purchase n/a
2010 7/2/2010 Verizon Wireless Amp Charlotte NC https://imgur.com/3OjEQD8 Purchase Purchase
2010 8/7/2010 Greek Theatre Berkeley CA https://imgur.com/9Y98ai6 Purchase n/a
2009 11/24/2009 Wachovia Center Philadelphia PA https://imgur.com/Q9wQt0d Purchase n/a
2004 6/17/2004 Keyspan Park Brooklyn NY https://imgur.com/8deOOLG Purchase Purchase
2000 7/11/2000 Deer Creek Noblesville IN https://imgur.com/zdlSDLM Purchase Purchase
2000 9/17/2000 MPP Columbia MD https://imgur.com/f7l7oWo Purchase n/a
2000 7/14/2000 Polaris Columbus OH https://imgur.com/G6qr8nL Purchase Purchase
2000 7/15/2000 Polaris Columbus OH https://imgur.com/dtgqudf Purchase Purchase
1999 9/28/1999 Oak Mountain Pelham AL https://imgur.com/EDtH5RX Purchase n/a
1999 10/4/1999 Redbird Arena ISU Normal IL https://imgur.com/djorp37 Purchase Purchase
1999 12/10/1999 Spectrum Philadelphia PA https://imgur.com/hiQQOuC Purchase Purchase
1999 12/11/1999 Spectrum Philadelphia PA https://imgur.com/w7gGWNx Purchase Purchase
1999 12/31/1999 Big Cypress Big Cypress FL https://imgur.com/AZMdrwU Purchase Purchase
1998 7/17/1998 Gorge George WA https://imgur.com/j9MNaCG Purchase Purchase
1998 7/29/1998 Riverport Amp Maryland Heights MO https://imgur.com/JoZ4bjz Purchase Purchase
1998 8/2/1998 Deer Creek Noblesville IN https://imgur.com/fX4rE83 Purchase Purchase
1998 8/3/1998 Deer Creek Noblesville IN https://imgur.com/tjsIIZL Purchase Purchase
1998 11/6/1998 Khol Center Madison WI https://imgur.com/e3Flmje Purchase Purchase
1997 7/21/1997 Virginia Beach Amp Virginia Beach VA https://imgur.com/0oeroae Purchase n/a
1997 7/22/1997 Walnut Creek Raleigh NC https://imgur.com/VBOLkeJ Purchase n/a
1997 8/13/1997 Star Lake Amp Burgettstown PA https://imgur.com/Oke88nj Purchase Purchase
1997 11/19/1997 Assembly Hall Champaign IL https://imgur.com/quZsJTZ Purchase Purchase
1996 11/7/1996 Rupp Arena Lexington KY https://imgur.com/9mhRMMF Purchase Purchase
1996 12/1/1996 Pauly Pavilion UCLA Los Angeles CA https://imgur.com/I7iz3jn Purchase Purchase
1995 6/19/95 Deer Creek Noblesville IN https://imgur.com/Psf0AfL Purchase n/a
1995 6/20/1995 Blossom Cuyahoga Falls OH https://imgur.com/CqNnC5u Purchase n/a
1995 12/12/1995 Providence Civic Center Providence RI https://imgur.com/SlptJNY Purchase Purchase
1995 12/31/1995 MSG New York NY https://imgur.com/0BcMAt0 Purchase Purchase
1994 7/5/1994 Congress Center Ottawa, ON CAN https://imgur.com/sYcJuUi Purchase n/a
1994 7/8/1994 Great Woods Mansfield MA https://imgur.com/TvkRWoL Purchase n/a
1994 7/16/1994 Sugarbush North Fayston VT https://imgur.com/sUnCitc Purchase Purchase
1994 11/4/1994 Onondaga War Memorial Syracuse NY https://imgur.com/lAFBXAj Purchase
1992 11/22/1992 Bailey Hall Ithica NY https://imgur.com/nPuO0AA Purchase n/a
1990 4/12/1990 The Inferno Steamboat Springs CO https://imgur.com/A23EpQK Purchase Purchase
1989 5/1/1989 Pearl Street Ballroom Northampton MA https://imgur.com/b8Z43Pf Purchase n/a

4/12/90 The Inferno

12/31/95 New Years Eve MSG

11/19/97 Assembly Hall

7/29/98 Riverport

8/2-8/3/98 Deer Creek

11/6/98 Kohl Center

10/4/99 Redbird Arena

12/10-12/11/99 The Spectrum Philly

12/31/99 Big Cypress

7/14-7/15/00 Polaris Amphitheater

9/17/00 Merriweather Post Pavilion

6/17/04 Keystone Park, Brooklyn NYC

6/11/11 Merriweather Post Pavillion 

12/31/12 MSG

10/25/13 Worcester

6/24/14 Phish on Letterman

Looking for a specific show?  Interested in one of the listed shows?  Contact me!

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