Phish MSG 2021

I am ecstatic to share my print for the Phish New Year’s Run at Madison Square Garden in NYC! This print is 12×18, printed on 100lb glossy cover paper. Prints are signed and limited to an edition of 200. Inspired by the New Yorker magazine, I sought to capture the sights outside MSG during the new year’s runs, often firsthand! I also included over 30 song references throughout the print. This print was comprised of over a dozen small gouache paintings, which were then scanned and digitally arranged.

The inspiration for my print.

The print is directly inspired by the May 25th, 1940 cover of the New Yorker, painted by Joseph Low, who created many covers from 1940-1980. While I did not initially plan to do a New Yorker cover, it was Low’s style for this painting that spoke to me. It felt familiar, but I knew I hadn’t seen this image before. I saw the possibilities of creating song references in this style, and went for it!

My biggest challenge in creating the painting was the lack of outlines. I’m fond of using outlines in my work, so this required rethinking my process. I would sketch up an image, darken the lines, and place it on a light table. I then placed a watercolor paper on top of it and would paint an image without lines! As I became familiar with Low’s style, I began painting without sketching first, and my painting started to get smaller. It felt very natural, and while researching more of Joseph Low’s work, I suddenly knew why.

My first encounter with Low’s work.

I first came across the October 22nd, 1942 cover some time in elementary school. It may have been an issue of Scholastic Arts magazine or a framed cover in the library, but it was an image ingrained in my brain. I remember trying to replicate the style with markers, but never quite got it. I eventually moved on to other things, but that cover really stuck with me. Who would’ve thought I would rediscover these covers years later!

So, the reaction to my print was mind-blowing! I posted a picture of it when I got my test prints and was bombarded about how to get one. I decided to do a preorder of 50 prints which sold out instantly! My general on sale sold out within hours, so at the moment it is not available in my shop. I will have the remaining prints in the edition available at the PhanArt show at the Stewart Hotel on 12/30 during the New Years Run. I will have a small amount of Artist and Test proofs in my shop in early January. I will also have a surprise print that will be only available at PhanArt!

Phish Eugene Run 2021

I’ve finally gotten around to finishing up the Fall Tour setlists! It’s been a busy couple of months with hybrid teaching and working on my MSG print (I’ll be posting about it next week!)

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Night 1

SET 1Down with Disease -> Runaway JimOcelot > RiftHorn > Ya MarStashWalls of the Cave

SET 2Twist > Blaze On -> Plasma > Leaves > I Never Left Home > Sparkle > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Sigma Oasis

ENCOREDrift While You’re Sleeping
This show featured the Phish debut of I Never Left Home. Down with Disease was unfinished and contained a There is a Mountain tease. After Stash, Trey spoke about the two fans who had fallen at the previous show, expressed love and sorrow, and encouraged everyone to be safe. Trey teased Hey, Ho, Nobody Home during Plasma. Trey teased I Always Wanted It This Way in Also Sprach Zarathustra. 

Night 2

SET 1Mr. CompletelyEnergy -> Timber (Jerry the Mule)Casual Enlightenment > Divided SkyFarmhouseSplit Open and Melt > End of Session > Split Open and Melt

SET 2AC/DC Bag > Ruby Waves > Lonely Trip > Golden Age > Backwards Down the Number Line

ENCOREWilson > Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.
Mike teased Hatikvah in Timber (Jerry the Mule). Trey teased Divided Sky in the first Split Open and Melt. End of Session was performed for the first time since July 25, 2017 (126 shows). Page teased Lonely Trip in Golden Age.

Setlists are available as single shows, or both night sets, as well as digital copies in my shop:

Setlist/notes © 1990-2021  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. Used with permission.

Phish Phoenix 2021

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SET 1JuliusMartian Monster -> Soul Planet > My Friend, My Friend > Bouncing Around the RoomScent of a MuleMore > Ghost

SET 2Loving Cup > Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove > Everything’s Right > A Life Beyond The DreamCities > Harry Hood

ENCORESuzy Greenberg > Cavern
Mike teased Foam in Martian Monster. Trey teased Brother in Soul Planet. My Friend did not contain the “Myfe” ending. Ghost ended with a Julius jam. Trey teased Manteca and Third Stone From the Sun in Everything’s Right.

Setlists are also available as digital copies in my shop:

Setlist/notes © 1990-2021  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. Used with permission.