Phish Hollywood Bowl 2023 Tickets and Prints

My final set of tickets for Spring Tour is for the 3-night run at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. The art for each night was inspired by 70s-80s skateboarding culture and magazines, as well as the songs Wolfman’s Brother and Dog Faced Boy.

The original painting was watercolor and gouache paint. Tickets are based on PTBMs and the barcode links to the setlist on! Prints are 11×14, signed and numbered, and limited to an edition of 50. A portion of sales will be donated to Mockingbird Foundation.

Hollywood Bowl Run Tickets  Available here

Hollywood Bowl Run Prints  Available here

Phish Berkeley 2023 Tickets and Prints

My next set of tickets is for the 3-night run at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. The art for each night was inspired by art from ancient Greek pottery, and combined elements of Greek mythology and Phish song references.

The original painting was watercolor and gouache paint. Tickets are based on PTBMs and the barcode links to the setlist on! Prints are 11×14, signed and numbered, and limited to an edition of 50.

Berkeley Run Tickets  Available here

Berkeley Run Prints  Available here

Phish Seattle 2023 Tickets and Prints

Ticket stubs are back for 2023! With the return of physical stubs nowhere in sight, I’ve decided to continue creating ticket stubs, starting with Phish’s 2023 Spring Tour.

First up are tickets and prints for the Spring Tour opener at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA. The art for these tickets was inspired by the song “Timber (Jerry The Mule)” which is actually a cover written by Josh White, as well as imagery from old logging photos from the Seattle area, with Mt. Rainier in the background.

The original painting was watercolor and gouache paint. Tickets are based on PTBMs, and the barcode links to the setlist on! Prints are 11×14, signed and numbered, and limited to an edition of 50.

Seattle Run Tickets  Available here

Seattle Run Prints  Available here

Commissioned Setlists: 2022 in Review

This past year has been a busy one, full of new approaches to creating art inspired by Phish. As I shifted towards designing and creating ticket stubs, I eased up on creating setlist art for every show, and I began accepting more commissions to create setlist art for older shows. This was actually my busiest year, having created over 10 older setlists! I really enjoy doing these, since it gives me an opportunity to discover older shows that I may not have heard before. And of course, there’s the satisfaction of creating something to commemorate a special show to someone, be it their first, hundredth, or the show where they met that special someone!

I have very limited copies of these prints, but they are available as a digital download that you could then print yourself.

I’m also updating my shop to make it easier to find a specific show! You can now find all shows by year on the right side of the page.

Phish MSG New Years Run 2022

Old habits die hard! Creating ticket stubs has taken up most of my time this year, forcing me to set aside the setlist art this year. While I still create them via commissions, I couldn’t help but create the MSG NYE Run setlists! These will be a smaller edition (only 25!) but are also available as digital downloads.

SET 1Buried AliveWolfman’s BrotherMazeSigma Oasis > NICUSteamTelaStashSplit Open and Melt

SET 2Free > A Wave of Hope -> It’s Ice > Leaves > Simple -> Plasma -> Twist > Harry Hood

ENCOREEsther > 46 Days

Trey teased A Wave of Hope in Twist.

SET 1Fluffhead -> Your Pet Cat > Bathtub Gin > hey strangerTube > Slave to the Traffic LightBlaze On

SET 2David BowieEverything’s Right > You Enjoy Myself > Ruby Waves > Lonely TripBack on the Train > Character Zero


Fluffhead was unfinished. Trey teased Dave’s Energy Guide in Bathtub Gin. This show featured the Phish debut of hey stranger. Trey teased Heartbreaker in Ruby Waves.

SET 1Down with Disease > The Moma DancePebbles and MarblesTheme From the Bottom > RebaThe Howling > Foam > Run Like an Antelope

SET 2No Men In No Man’s LandGolden AgeSand > If I CouldI Always Wanted It This Way

ENCOREChalk Dust Torture

SET 1TweezerHalley’s Comet -> Set Your Soul Free > RiftCavern > Tweezer > ShadeMike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove

SET 2Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S. > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Kill Devil FallsMercury > Light -> WasteDrift While You’re SleepingBackwards Down the Number Line

SET 3Ghost > Bohemian Rhapsody > Ghost -> Jungle Boogie > Wilson > Auld Lang Syne > Carini > Theme from New York, New York > Tweezer > Prince Caspian > Crosseyed and Painless > PiperA Life Beyond The DreamFirst Tube

ENCOREShow of Life > Tweezer Reprise

Trey teased Super Bad in Weekapaug. The second setbreak music was comprised of songs referencing past Phish New Year’s Eve gags. Before the third set began, a barbershop quartet appeared with a singing telegram for Phish. The telegram said that at the stroke of midnight, it would be 40 years for Phish and to make a wish. Trey wished he had a time machine so they could do it all again. A cube descended from overhead and a time machine was revealed near Mike. The quartet activated the time machine and the cube played audio and video from past years of Phish. Dancers from various past new year’s gags appeared on stage as well as a wombat (from October 31, 2013). The wombat broke the time machine and Ghost began with dancers and characters (like Father Time from December 31, 1999, and the Famous Mockingbird from December 31, 1992) continuing to appear from the band’s past performances. Ghost featured Meatstick lyrics sung by the band as well as by dancers in different languages in a nod to December 31, 2010. The first Bohemian Rhapsody since December 31, 1996 (850 shows) featured the Late Show Gospel Choir singing on risers behind the band and Ghost quotes from Page and the choir with subsequent lyrics changed to reference Ghost. The first Jungle Boogie since December 31, 2003 (544 shows) featured the BD Entertainment Marching Band along with the choir. The marching band and choir were also featured in Wilson where a platform above Trey that had appeared for the entire New Year’s run descended and the clone that had been lying on the platform rose and was revealed to be a Tom Hanks actor from Castaway. Inflated Wilson volleyballs were then tossed into the crowd. During Auld Lang Syne, Phish briefly stopped playing and ate cake in front of the stage while the marching band and choir continued to perform. Carini featured several dancers in “naked dude” costumes emerging from a birthday cake in front of the stage and dancing and running around with security trying to catch them. The Theme from New York, New York was performed for the first time since December 31, 1997 (772 shows) and featured the naked dude dancers performing a kickline in front of the stage while adding vocals and Trey changing the lyrics to “if I could be naked there.” Piper contained Crosseyed quotes. During Tweezer Reprise, the wombat ran and danced across the stage. The post-show music was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which was a nod to Phish playing their 72nd show at Madison Square Garden, tying Elton John.

Also Available:

Ticket Stubs and 8.5 x 11 Prints!

Setlist/notes © 1990-2023  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. and used with permission. A portion of profits from all setlists sold is donated to the Mockingbird Foundation.

Phish New Year’s Run 2022 Tickets and Prints

I’m excited to present my ticket stubs for the Phish New Year’s Run at MSG in New York City. This concludes my yearlong project of creating stubs for every Phish show in 2022! I was inspired by the food and fauna one may encounter late at night in NYC. The original illustrations were ink, watercolor, and gouache. They are available in my shop: I will also be selling them at the PhanArt Show at Hill Country Barbeque on 12/30 from 1pm-6pm (click here for more info).

As with my previous stubs, they are inspired by PTBMs (Phish tickets by mail) down to the weight and feel of real ticket stubs. At this point, I have created over 40 unique ticket stubs for 2022! Tickets going digital has made many people realize how important ticket stubs can be, even if they end up in a shoebox under the bed. I’m here to fill that void in the meantime.

I’ve also created some 8.5×11 mini prints using the artwork I created for the stubs! The unusual size of the tickets means that 1-2/3s of the illustration gets cut off, which bummed me out. And due to each ticket being a standalone image (summer tour stubs created 1 full image when placed together), I opted to create a set of prints rather than 1 large poster.

Prints are signed and numbered, limited to an edition of 50 each. A limited amount is available in my shop, as well as at PhanArt. Purchase Prints Here

The Phish Setlist Art Spreadsheet

Phish Setlist Art Spreadsheet

After years of talking about it, I recently finished creating a one-stop shop to view all my setlist art. I was inspired by the Phish Downloads Spreadsheet, which contains downloads of almost every Phish show, recorded by tapers at shows.

My spreadsheet contains every show I’ve created setlist art for since I started in 2014. I also include all the commissioned setlists for older shows (57 to date!), some of 2013 that I had done, and nearly every setlist for each showed played from 2014-2021!

Each section is listed by year and gives you an Imgur link to view the setlist art, purchase links, and a link to the setlist via if you need help figuring it out!

Phish Dick’s Run 2022 Tickets and Prints

My design for the 4-night run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. The design was inspired by several Gamehendge songs, including Divided Sky*, Possum, Fly Famous Mockingbird, and Forbin’s Ascent. The original painting was watercolor and gouache paint. Tickets are based on PTBMs, and the barcode links to the setlist on! Prints are 11×14, signed and numbered, and limited to an edition of 100.

*Although not part of The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday, Divided Sky is considered to be part of the Gamehendge mythos since it is to be sung on top of the rhombus to offer tribute to Icculus according to the liner notes in Junta.

Dick’s Run Tickets Available here

Dick’s Run Prints Available here

For now, I will get a bit of a break until the NYE run, unless new dates get added! I will slowly be working on setlist art for the summer tour, and might only offer it as digital files, which would make them cheaper to purchase, and can be printed to whichever size you wish! Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see works in progress, updates on new prints, and pictures of my cat.

Phish Alpine Valley 2022 Tickets and Prints

My design for the Alpine Valley Run, inspired by the song Fuego. The original painting was watercolor and gouache paint. Tickets are based on PTBMs, and the barcode links to the setlist on! Prints are 11×14, signed and numbered, and limited to an edition of 100.

Alpine Valley Tickets Available here

Alpine Valley Prints Available here

Phish Toronto 2022 Tickets and Prints

My design for the Toronto show. I was inspired by one of my favorite Phish lyrics: “Swim with the cactus and float with the stone” from NICU. The original painting was watercolor and gouache paint. Tickets are based on PTBMs, and the barcode links to the setlist on!

Toronto Tickets Available here

If you are ordering from Canada, be sure to message me before ordering to ensure you don’t pay a ridiculous price for shipping!