Commissioned Setlists: 2022 in Review

This past year has been a busy one, full of new approaches to creating art inspired by Phish. As I shifted towards designing and creating ticket stubs, I eased up on creating setlist art for every show, and I began accepting more commissions to create setlist art for older shows. This was actually my busiest year, having created over 10 older setlists! I really enjoy doing these, since it gives me an opportunity to discover older shows that I may not have heard before. And of course, there’s the satisfaction of creating something to commemorate a special show to someone, be it their first, hundredth, or the show where they met that special someone!

I have very limited copies of these prints, but they are available as a digital download that you could then print yourself.

I’m also updating my shop to make it easier to find a specific show! You can now find all shows by year on the right side of the page.

Phish Hampton 11/22/97 (Dinner and a Movie)

11-22-97 Hampton web

Mike’s Song and Tweezer both contained BEK teases, with the ones in Tweezer taking place well before the segue into BEK. Fans of stage banter will want to seek out the second set for Trey’s humorous response to the crowd’s Destiny Unbound chant before Halley’s. The “Marco Esquandolas” lyric in Antelope was changed to “Michael Esquandolas.” This show was released as part of the Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 box set.
Prints available here: Hampton 97 DaaM

I also have these available as digital prints, which you can download and make your own prints, puzzles, shirts, ect.!

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Note: Setlist is courtesy of and The Mockingbird Foundation and is used with permission

Phish 7/21/97 (Dinner and a Movie)

While most of the Phish Dinner and the Movie webcasts have been shows I had previously created an illustrated setlist for, I was very excited for this one! I had heard about this show for years, and had tried to find video for after reading about what went on during this show.  I was very excited to watch this show as well as make a setlist for !

7-21-97 copy

The jam during Bathtub Gin featured Trey jumping up and down in time with a syncopated jam, as well as strong Drowned teases. Near the end of the jam, Trey mentioned how good it was to be back home and named the four newer songs that were played. The beginning of Bowie included Radar Love teases from Mike and a Birdland jam and Wolfman’s included a Bathtub Gin tease. The jam out of Theme, as well as Funky Bitch, featured LeRoi Moore on saxophone. The jam with LeRoi included a segment where he played two saxes, Trey played three guitars, Mike played two basses and the Cracklin’ Rosie cymbals, Fish had four drumsticks and Page was lying across his keyboards playing as many as possible. At  one point, Trey grabbed two drumsticks and played them on Fish’s cymbals and his guitar before tossing them into the crowd. LeRoi also teased the Woody Woodpecker theme during the jam.

I have these available as digital prints, which you can download and make your own prints, puzzles, shirts, ect.!

Commissioned Setlist: 10/4/99


MONDAY 10/04/1999
Normal, IL
Uncle Pen was played for the first time since August 17, 1997 (136 shows). Makisupa featured Trey on keyboards and included the keyword “NORML.” At the end of Rock and Roll, Trey jokingly thanked the show’s sponsors, NORML and the (musical) Key of “A.”
Setlist/Notes © 1990-2017  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.


Commissioned Setlist: 11/6/98


FRIDAY 11/06/1998
Madison, WI
The lyrics in Makisupa referenced “university rent-a-cop.” The transition into Caspian featured Fish on vacuum. During Caspian, a naked man jumped on stage and was kicked off by security.
Setlist/Notes © 1990-2017  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Commissioned Setlist: Deer Creek 98


SUNDAY 08/02/1998
Noblesville, IN
The end of Bowie contained Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases from Trey. This show marked the Phish debut of I Get a Kick Out of You.
MONDAY 08/03/1998
Noblesville, IN
This show marked the Phish debut of Rhinoceros. The Halley’s jam included A Love Supreme teases from Page.  The show also featured the return of Ride Captain Ride, which had not been played since December 30, 1992 (492 shows) and Bike, which had not been played since November 7, 1996 (129 shows). Gumbo included Manteca teases.
Setlist/Notes © 1990-2017  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Commissioned Setlist: 7/29/98

I recently finished up one of my larger commissions for 5 shows, mainly from 98 tour.  I’ll be posting them during the next couple days while I’m attending the first 2 shows of MSG!  I’ll also be having a sale in my shop during the run, pretty much everything will be 15% off from now until Jan 1 2018, no coupon necessary!

7-29-98 - Copy

WEDNESDAY 07/29/1998
Maryland Heights, MO
The usually short Buried Alive was jammed for almost fifteen minutes. This show featured the Phish debut of If You Need a Fool, as well as the debut of the new arrangement of Vultures. A portion of the intro to Antelope featured Fish on vacuum. Bathtub Gin from this gig was included as filler on Live Phish 17.
I’ll have a very small amount of these available for sale shortly.  Feel free to contact me if interested!
Setlist/Notes © 1990-2017  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Commission: Phish 11/19/97

I was recently asked to create a setlist for this show, one of many that I’ll be posting the coming weeks.  I had been meaning to post it for some time, and coincidently realized that today is the 20th anniversary of this show!

11-19-97 copy

Champaign, IL
The segue from Fee into Antelope included Meatstick quotes. Wolfman’s Brother contained Crosseyed and Painless teases and Taste contained a DEG tease from Trey.
I’m still  taking commissions until the NYE run, so feel free contact me here or via FB, IG, or Twitter if there is a show you’d like me to make.