Phish Summer Tour Posters pt II

Here’s the next installment of my Phish summer tour posters for 2016.  I’m more than half way to my goal of illustrating all 15 venues they’ll be playing at (including Lockn’).  The fishing theme continues with each venue’s state fish. I’ve enjoyed getting back to working with micron pens, as well as working digitally (and learning new things along the way) to create these posters.  I’ve taken people’s thoughts and opinions into consideration for these last couple, as well as some edits to the previous ones (“I still call it Deer Creek”) .  I’m looking forward to drawing some west coast fish, and will be posting them soon.


In the meantime I’ve just opened up my new shop,, where all the posters from this series will be available, although I will continue to have my setlist posters available in my etsy shop.

Author: josean

I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish. Original artwork and prints Select giclee prints Ramblings and pics

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