What I did with my Summer Vacation

Back in May I had posted about my ambitious summer project, a poster for every show/run Phish played this summer.  I surprised myself when I first announced it, wondering if this was a good idea. I was still going to do the illustrated setlists, and those can take a lot of time on its own.  But here we are in August, and I can say it was a success! 13 posters, 11 different kinds of fish, and a few epic beards in 2 months.  It was fun working with detail again, it had been a couple years.  This was also my first time drawing fish, so I learned a lot doing that.  This project also allowed me to more acquainted with the digital medium.  Everything I learned has been self taught ( I avoided digital in college, and learned just enough to edit photographs), and I can say I can do a lot more now than 2 months ago.  I’ll be working on Lockn and Dick’s soon, taking a little break to work on some other things.  Stay tuned for more!

Summer tour
fun fact: this file is 5.55mb


This summer also marks my 3rd year making my illustrated setlists.  I was a bit worried, because I had told myself a while ago that I wouldn’t make them anymore if they started to feel like a chore.  At this point, I have the process streamlined, and can create them quickly (I might make a post about the process), but no longer feel that I have to create them right when the show is occurring.  Previous years found me showing up to streaming parties with a laptop, drawing pad, and a scanner!  By allowing myself to create them at my own pace, so I was able to continue this year without that feeling of “got to do the setlist..”  This also gave me the chance to redraw a lot of older songs, especially the ones played frequently, as well as several versions of new songs, which were also played a lot this tour.

summer setlists copy.jpg

The setlists by the numbers:

  • 20 setlists
  • 457 total songs
  • 205 different songs
  • 21 bustouts (had to draw a lot of these)
  • 9 new songs (most with 2-3 variations)
  • 41 new illustrations for songs commonly played

All posters are available in my etsy shop, and I’m offering both poster and setlist for only $25 (plus shipping) !

I also have just the show posters in a more streamlined shop: www.phishart.com

More stuff coming soon, and I’ll soon start taking commissions for specific show setlists.



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I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish. Original artwork and prints http://www.etsy.com/shop/joseeen Select giclee prints http://josean-rivera.artistwebsites.com/ Ramblings and pics https://twitter.com/joseeen

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