Commission: Phish 11/19/97

I was recently asked to create a setlist for this show, one of many that I’ll be posting the coming weeks.  I had been meaning to post it for some time, and coincidently realized that today is the 20th anniversary of this show!

11-19-97 copy

Champaign, IL
The segue from Fee into Antelope included Meatstick quotes. Wolfman’s Brother contained Crosseyed and Painless teases and Taste contained a DEG tease from Trey.
I’m still  taking commissions until the NYE run, so feel free contact me here or via FB, IG, or Twitter if there is a show you’d like me to make.

Author: josean

I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish. Original artwork and prints Select giclee prints Ramblings and pics

2 thoughts on “Commission: Phish 11/19/97”

  1. Hello.
    Love the illustrated setlist of Assembly Hall. Is there any chance of getting it in a print? It’s the first show my girl seen, and would make a great gift.

    Thank you for your time. Keep doing what you do.

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