Phish Summer 2018 Series- Camden

The 7th print in my summer tour series. This was the poster I was most excited for, because its a hometown show (although I’d rather be at the Mann!) and I felt it captures the feel of Camden.  The print is based off the poster for “Werewolves on Wheels” (1971).  The lack of background allowed me to take more time in recreating the main image, which I created using brush and ink.  This was one of my biggest challenges, and I tried to keep it true to the original, although I did make some changes (Trey’s guitar, a telephone, the Rhombus, Biker Trey)  As always, the images are all drawn, inked and watercolored, then scanned and digitally arranged. Prints are 13×19 on cardstock, signed and limited to an edition of 150.  Prints are currently available for sale in my shop: , and will be available on lot before the shows.

camden web

Author: josean

I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish. Original artwork and prints Select giclee prints Ramblings and pics

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