Phish Las Vegas Halloween Run 2021

I’ve slowly been catching up on Fall Tour setlists! This school year has been like no other, taking up what little free time I have. I was glad to do a handful of live streams and setlists, but will be finishing up the rest soon!

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Night 1

SET 1Also Sprach Zarathustra1999 > 555 > 46 DaysStrawberry Letter 23 > Twenty Years Later

SET 2Seven Below > If 6 Was 9 > Five Years > Two Versions of Me -> NO2Army of OneMy Sweet OneFirst Tube > Character Zero

ENCOREBackwards Down the Number LineGrind
This show featured a setlist with all songs featuring a number in their name in descending order including the Phish debut of If 6 Was 9 and several bustouts: 1999 (last played July 26, 2017, or 130 shows), Five Years (last played October 31, 2016, or 147 shows), Two Versions of Me (last played November 27, 2009, or 435 shows), and NO2 (last played September 6, 2015, or 192 shows). Trey teased L.A. Woman in Also Sprach Zarathustra and Seven Below in First Tube. In place of the usual number of days lived, Grind featured the band singing the setlist ended by noting that the songs added up to “4,680 digits.”

Night 2

SET 1Olivia’s PoolAxilla (Part II) > Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug GrooveShadeI Always Wanted It This Way

SET 2Ass Handed > Tweezer > Funky BitchRebaSand -> Tweezer -> Sigma Oasis > Walk Away

ENCOREJulius > Tweezer Reprise
Trey and Mike quoted Little Squirrel throughout the first set (after Olivia’s Pool, and during Axilla and Weekapaug Groove), and during the final vocal chorus of Reba. Trey teased Martian Monster in Mike’s Song and Who Knows in I Always Wanted It This Way. Reba contained a verse with an Ass Handed quote by Trey in the final vocal chorus. Trey teased Tweezer during Sand.

Night 3

SET 1The Dogs > OcelotTurtle in the CloudsRun Like an AntelopeCamel WalkWombat > GuyuteBig Black Furry Creature from MarsShaggy DogDog Faced BoyThe SlothLlamaI Am the Walrus

SET 2Dogs Stole ThingsYour Pet Cat > Runaway Jim > Piper -> Birds of a FeatherHarpua > Bug > The LizardsFarmhouse

ENCOREVulturesSleeping Monkey > Possum
The songs in this show were based on animals. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars and Harpua contained Little Squirrel quotes. Shaggy Dog was played for the first time since June 22, 2012 (331 shows). I Am The Walrus was played for the first time since July 29, 2017 (130 shows). and featured Little Squirrel and Shipwreck quotes. Runaway Jim was unfinished. Harpua was performed for the first time since July 30, 2017 (129 shows) and featured Carini, Your Pet Cat, and If 6 Was 9 quotes as well as This Jesus Must Die scatting from Trey. Part of Harpua was spoken in French by Page and Mike.

Night 4

SET 1Buried AliveRoses Are Free > GhostWolfman’s BrotherKill Devil Falls > FreeDavid Bowie

SET 2Knuckle Bone Broth AvenueGet More DownEgg in a HoleThanksgivingClear Your Mind > The 9th CubeThe Inner Reaches of OuterDon’t Doubt MeThe UnwindingSomething Living HereThe HowlingI Am in Miami

SET 3Carini > Lonely TripSoul Planet -> Death Don’t Hurt Very Long > TwistDrift While You’re Sleeping

ENCOREHarry Hood
For the second set, the band’s “musical costume” was all debuted originals, performed as the invented band Sci-Fi Soldier (a 14-page comic book distributed upon entry detailed the group’s adventure to save the planet). For that set, the band performed in elaborate costumes (helmets and all), with alternate instruments (Trey on a BCR Mockingbird), each playing within a flashing/glowing shape (two circles and two squares), after descending (in the form of holograms) from the ceiling in cylinders of colored light. Knuckle Bone Broth Avenue included extended choreography by Trey and Mike. During Get More Down, matching upright geometric shapes danced around behind the band, reducing to the two circles overlapped by Egg in a Hole, which featured pyrotechnics. Before Clear Your Mind, Trey introduced the band as from the year 4680 (the total of the October 28, 2021 songs as noted during that night’s encore-ending Grind). During The 9th Cube, there were projections of donuts and turtles on a cube above the band. Fireworks rained down on the stage during The Inner Reaches of Outer. For I Am in Miami, Trey switched to an acoustic guitar and the band stood together at stage front with the four-mic a cappella setup. After the set, the band departed as holograms back up the colored tubes. The start of Harry Hood included alternate lyrics (Holy Blankenstein). Soul Planet contained Knuckle Bone Broth Avenue and Don’t Doubt Me quotes.

Prints are available in my shop as well as digital downloads of the prints. You can purchase an individual night, pick 2 or 3, or all four shows at a discount! All orders ship with a postcard miniprint of my show poster for Summer Tour 2021.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2021  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. Used with permission.

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