Phish Summer 2018 Series- Curveball

The 10th print in my summer tour series. Inspired by the Spanish poster for “It! Terror From Beyond Space” (1958).  This was the toughest print for me to create.  This one took me the longest to create, apart from the pressure of making it a good one (it felt like a lot of people were waiting for this one).  I had almost finished it up when I decided to start over and create a new version.  Lots of time was spend painting sloth fur, as well as even more time fixing it digitally.  Being self taught, I’m pretty sure there’s an easier way to do all the things I do in Photoshop!  As always, the images are all drawn, inked and watercolored, then scanned and digitally arranged. Prints are 13×19 on cardstock, signed and limited to an edition of 150.  Prints are currently available for sale in my shop: , and will be available on lot before the shows.

curveball web