Summer Tour 2019: Bonnaroo


“The workers they come back from their day in the field..”
The second of my 2019 Phish summer tour prints! For Phish’s 2 performances at Bonnaroo, I created a print inspired by the Dürer woodcut titled “Not Following Good Advice”, which he created for the Book of Fools (1498). I had the song “Jennifer Dances” in my mind when choosing this image for this print.

Prints are 9 x12 on 11×14 paper, and printed with Supergraphic black ink by Bill Fick. Black and white editions are printed on 140 lb watercolor paper, and the color variants are printed on 98 lb mixed media paper. Black and white are an edition of 30, and 2 color variants: yellow/red edition of 20, and a red/purple edition of 3.  Prints are now available in my shop:

Albrecht Dürer  – ‘VIII-not following good advice’-woodcut