Summer Tour 2019: Bangor


“Up the rigging take in sail mind the skipper we’ll not fail”

The seventh print in my Summer 2019 Series. For the Bangor shows I was inspired by another of Dürer’s prints that he created for Book of Fools, this one titled ” Disregard of Misfortune” (1494). As well as the song The Moma Dance. I also included the venue in the background and some fitting choppy waters, based off the weather forcast for the shows.

Prints are 9×12 on 11×14 paper, and printed with Supergraphic black ink by Bill Fick. Both editions are printed on 140 lb watercolor paper. Black and white are an edition of 30, and a watercolor variant of 9 . Due to the nature of the process each print may slightly differ in background color.  Prints are currently available in my shop:



Dürer- Disregard of Misfortune (1494)