Phish Mohegan Sun Run 2019

Mohegan Sun set
This show featured the first Energy since August 4, 2013 (226 shows) and the Phish debut of Wider. Trey and Mike teased A Love Supreme in Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1. Ghost contained an Under Pressure tease from Trey and a Weekapaug Groove jam with lyrics. Birds of a Feather featured The Birds samples from Page and Third Stone From the Sun teases from Trey.


7-10-19 Mohegan Sun II web

Trey teased Plasma before Stash. David Bowie contained In Memory of Elizabeth Reed teases. Trey teased Dave’s Energy Guide in Chalk Dust Torture. Seven Below included a San-Ho-Zay tease from Trey and The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) teases from Trey and Mike. Kung was performed over Saw It Again and included The Birds and Final Hurrah quotes.


Prints are available in my shop!  Choose from a single night, or both nights. Orders over $35 get free shipping, and I also have my linocut from Mohegan Sun available!

Setlists/notes © 1990-2019  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Phish Summer 2019: Mohegan Sun


“..but the net’s unbreakable
So don’t worry about falling”

The eleventh print in my Summer 2019 series. This print was created during the Mohegan Sun run, and finished shortly after.  I was inspired by the song Mercury, and the Durer woodcut “Astronomer” (1500) seemed fittings.  I turned the figure into the mythical figure Mercury, and behind him are the symbols for the Sun, Earth, Mercury, and Venus, as well as the Mohegan Tribe symbol (2nd symbol down).

Prints are 9×12 on 11×14 paper, and  hand carved and printed. Black and white editions are printed on 140 lb watercolor paper, and the color variants are printed on 98 lb mixed media paper. Black and white are an edition of 30, and a violet variant of 7.  Due to the nature of the process each print may slightly differ in background color. Prints are now available in my shop:

Albrecht Dürer- Astronomer (1500)