Phish 7/9/16 Hartford, CT

7-9 Hartford - Copy

Setlist Phish: Sat, Jul 09, 2016
XFINITY Theatre, Hartford, CT

Soundcheck: Let Me Lie, Pigtail, Pebbles and Marbles, Unknown song

Set 1: Pigtail, The Moma Dance, Birds of a Feather, Meat, Vultures > Free, Let Me Lie, Halley’s Comet> Julius, You Enjoy Myself[1]

Set 2: Down with Disease[2] > Sand > Tela, Carini > Twenty Years Later > Run Like an Antelope >Backwards Down the Number Line

Encore: The Lizards, Loving Cup

[1] Trey on Marimba Lumina, Page on bass, Mike on keys for portion of the jam.
[2] Unfinished.

Notes: The Birds was quoted at the end of BOAF. Let Me Lie was last performed on August 10, 2010 (229 shows). Portions of the YEM jam featured Trey on Marimba Lumina, Mike on keys, and Page on bass. DWD was unfinished.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

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Phish 7/8/16 Mansfield, MA

7-8 Mansfield - web

Setlist Phish: Fri, Jul 08, 2016
Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA

Set 1: Party Time > 46 Days, Poor Heart, The Dogs, Bathtub Gin, Fast Enough for You, How Many People Are You, Strange Design, Fuego, Cities[1], Space Oddity

Set 2: Ghost > Light > Wolfman’s Brother[2], Chalk Dust Torture, Saw It Again > Back on the Train >Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: I Am the Walrus

[1] Trey broke a string and switched guitars mid-song, also introducing his guitar tech, Brian Brown. Trey then switched to Marimba Lumina and Mike played Trey’s guitar.
[2] Vocal jam, during which the PA cut out and the band left the stage. Unfinished.

Notes: Eine kleine Nachtmusik was teased prior to Party Time. During Cities, Trey broke a string, switched guitars, and introduced his guitar tech, Brian Brown; Trey then switched to Marimba Lumina while Mike played Trey’s guitar. Wolfman’s contained a vocal jam, during which the PA cut out and the band left the stage. Wolfman’s was unfinished, and after several minutes the band resumed with CDT.

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Mansfield MA copy

Show posters available at in my etsy and bigcartel shops.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Phish 7/6/16 Portland, Maine

7-6 Portland web

Setlist Phish: Wed, Jul 06, 2016
Cross Insurance Arena, Portland, ME

Set 1: Grind, Cars Trucks Buses > Blaze On, Yarmouth Road, Kill Devil Falls, The Sloth, Billy Breathes, My Friend, My Friend, Heavy Things, 555, Things People Do, The Line, Stash

Set 2: First Tube > Tweezer > Guyute, Mike’s Song > Tide Turns > Devotion To a Dream, Wingsuit >Bittersweet Motel > Fluffhead > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Contact > Tweezer Reprise

Notes: Bittersweet Motel was last played on July 4, 2012 (146 shows).

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Portland Maine copy

Phish 7/1-7/3/16 SPAC

It always feels good to be back at SPAC!  I was able to attend these shows with a large group of close friends, which made the run very enjoyable, aside for the rainstorm right before the first show (I got soaked of course, and it felt great).  We stayed at a house/recording studio 30 minutes from the venue, a nice change from the hotel scene. The lot scene was great, SPAC is known for its shakedown, and it doesn’t fail to deliver.  I brought my SPAC posters to sell and got a very positive reaction (and quite a few sales!)   I still have some left, but they are going fast!

7-1 SPAC web

Link Friday, 07/01/2016
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, The Birds > NICU, Cities, David Bowie, Free,Uncle Pen, Halfway to the Moon, Let’s Go[1], Waiting All Night > Bathtub Gin > Golgi Apparatus, The Squirming Coil

Set 2: Sand > Carini > Chalk Dust Torture[2] > Prince Caspian > Bug, Shine a Light, My Sweet One, Sleeping Monkey > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Fire

Encore: Character Zero

[1] Debut.
[2] Unfinished. With Trey on Marimba Lumina and Mike on keys.

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Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish. This show featured the debut of Let’s Go. Chalk Dust Torture was unfinished and featured Trey on Marimba Lumina and Mike on keys. Sleeping Monkey included the last lyric of My Sweet One and a Say My Name quote.

7-2 SPAC web

Link Saturday, 07/02/2016
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: Crowd Control, 555 > Seven Below > Back on the Train, Army of One, Divided Sky, Martian Monster[1] > Rift, Water in the Sky > 46 Days, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: No Men In No Man’s Land > Fuego > Light -> Golden Age > Taste, The Horse >Silent in the Morning > Julius, A Day in the Life

Encore: Bouncing Around the Room, Run Like an Antelope

[1] Trey on Marimba Lumina.

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Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish. Trey quoted Sleeping Monkey during BOTT. Martian Monster featured Trey on Marimba Lumina. Light featured NMINML quotes. Following Antelope, Trey picked up a shirt that read “They Attack!” prompting a The Birds quote before the band left the stage.

7-3 SPAC web

Link Sunday, 07/03/2016
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1: The Wedge, Heavy Things, Tube, Sugar Shack, Lawn Boy, Sparkle > Sample in a Jar, It’s Ice > Guelah Papyrus, Ocelot > Scent of a Mule[1], Possum

Set 2: Soul Shakedown Party, The Moma Dance[2] > Twist > Joy > Breath and Burning,Axilla > Theme From the Bottom > Harry Hood > Show of Life

Encore: Rock and Roll

[1] Fish on Marimba Lumina.
[2] Unfinished.

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Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish. Scent of a Mule featured Fish on Marimba Lumina. Moma Dance was unfinished.

SPAC copy

Prints of the setlists are available in my shop, as well as my show poster.  Or grab the whole run and save! Includes a mini version of the show poster!

SPAC run

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Phish 6/26/16 Deer Creek

Well, my run of Phish shows has sadly come to an end, but it was great while it lasted.  The last week has been hectic, with Mann and SPAC, but I’m back and have lots to do!  More setlists to draw, orders to ship, and posters to create!

6-26-16 Deer Creek web.jpg

Link Sunday, 06/26/2016
Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Set 1: My Friend, My Friend, Kill Devil Falls, Camel Walk, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > Poor Heart, Tube, Halley’s Comet > Maze, Lawn Boy, Breath and Burning[1],Saw It Again > Theme From the Bottom > First Tube

Set 2: Punch You In the Eye > Back on the Train, Light > Golden Age -> Boogie On Reggae Woman, Wingsuit > Shade, Possum

Encore: Rock and Roll

[1] Debut.

Notes: This show featured the debut of Breath and Burning.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

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Indiana deercreek


Phish 6/28-6/29/16 Mann Center

Hometown show!  I’m always feeling grateful that I’ve been able to see Phish 3 years in a row 20 minutes from my apartment.  A good time was had, and with lots of friends (many crashing in my place) it’s always a good time!

6-28 Mann web

Link Tuesday, 06/28/2016
The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Wilson > Funky Bitch, No Men In No Man’s Land, Roggae, Nellie Kane, Gumbo> Birds of a Feather, Sleep Again, Things People Do[1], Limb By Limb > Split Open and Melt, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg

Set 2: Fuego > Runaway Jim > Gotta Jibboo > Breath and Burning > Timber (Jerry)> Slave to the Traffic Light > You Enjoy Myself[2]

Encore: Quinn the Eskimo

[1] Debut.
[2] With Trey on Marimba Lumina.

· The Birds quote in Birds of a Feather

Notes: The Birds was quoted at the end of Birds of a Feather. Sleep Again was last played August 8, 2010 (224 shows). This show featured the debut of Things People Do.  YEM featured Trey on Marimba Lumina.

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6-29 Mann web

Link Wednesday, 06/29/2016
The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Wolfman’s Brother, Your Pet Cat, Blaze On, Waking Up Dead[1], Llama[2],Devotion To a Dream, Reba, Mike’s Song > Horn > Farmhouse > Weekapaug Groove

Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless -> Friends[1], Down with Disease[3] > What’s the Use? > Meatstick > The Line, Tide Turns[1], Backwards Down the Number Line, Dem Bones

Encore: Dear Prudence > Harry Hood

[1] Debut.
[2] Performed in a slow funk style.
[3] Unfinished.

· The Birds quote in Weekapaug Groove
· Whole Lotta Love tease in Llama

Notes: This show featured the debut of Waking Up Dead, Friends, and Tide Turns. Llama was performed in a slow funk style and ended with a Whole Lotta Love tease from Trey. The Birds was quoted in Weekapaug. DWD was unfinished.

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Mann Run posters (both nights) available- buy both and save!

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

mann center copy


Summer Tour 2016!

Feels Good.jpgTour is back!  My favorite time of year, because I have lots of free time to draw all day (benefits of being a teacher!)  I now enter my 3rd year doing my setlist illustrations (74+ setlists, 374+ song illustrations), and I’m ready to make some more!  At this point the process is more like a puzzle, since I’ve draw so many songs, although there will be new variations of songs I’ve drawn before (the ones they play regularly).  The headers will include all new drawings, as well as variations of my show posters I did for the shows as well.

2015 was a great year for me artwise! My setlist art helped me get a few jobs designing some show posters ( Without A Net, Jazz is Phish, and Tom Hamilton’s American Babies), and Poster sales helped raise over $200 dollars for Mockingbird Foundation ($1 from each setlist poster is donated as way of saying thanks for letting me use their setlist notes).  I’m excited to see what 2016 brings.

HartfordThis year brings a new series of posters for Phish summer tour.  I knew I wanted to still create the illustrated setlists, but I also wanted to do something completely new.  Having made a couple gig posters I learned a lot quick (using photoshop/dealing with short deadlines), and I viewed this series as a way to explore using digital and traditional media, and just figure new things out.   It was an ambitious project, 15 posters in all.  They are a combination of digital and ink and watercolor.  Originally it was just going to be the state fish, but searching yielded many entertaining images of fishermen with their catch, which I found even more entertaining when you omit their faces! I’ve done 10 so far before tour started, and will create the rest inbetween doing the setlist art and attending shows (Mann and SPAC!)

I’m selling my prints in a few locations; My etsy shop along with setlists and song ckobt6hwsaezig1illustrations, A new streamlined shop ( that’ll offer the show posters only, as well as on lot at SPAC, and possibly Mann (technically no vending is allowed).

As mentioned earlier, I will continue to post the setlist illustrations shortly after each show, as well as an option to purchase.  For this tour I’m also offering the show poster for a discounted price when you purchase the setlist via my etsy shop!  I also post the work in progress setlist via twitter, and they usually end up in .net discussion threads, as well as r/phish.Follow me on twitter and check them out shortly after each set!

I’m excited to see what this tour brings us.  Hope to see you guys on lot and the shows!


Phish Studio Era Compilation pt II

I recently finished up the covers for a studio era compilation series created by Reddit user RiverportGin.  The series covers all of 1.0 Phish (1983-2000) and gave me an opportunity to draw songs that are unlikely to be played anytime soon . I also had fun with the headers, Which were based off a lyric of a song found in each particular album.  Click on the titles for a download link.


Set the Gearshift- The White Tape/ TMWSIY era (84-87)

  1. Alumni Blues
  2. And So To Bed
  3. You Enjoy Myself
  4. AC/DC Bag
  5. Fuck Your Face
  6. Divided Sky
  7. Slave to the Traffic Light
  8. Aftermath
  9. Ingest
  10. NO2
  11. Fluff’s Travels
  12. Dog Log
  13. He Ent to the Bog
  14. Run Like an Antelope
  15. Minkin
  16. Letter to Jimmy Page


Ticketstub In Your Hand- Junta Era (88-4/89)

  1. Fee
  2. You Enjoy Myself
  3. Esther
  4. Golgi Apparatus
  5. Foam
  6. Dinner and a Movie
  7. Divided Sky
  8. David Bowie
  9. Fluffhead
  10. Fluff’s Travels
  11. Contact
  12. Union Federal
  13. Sanity
  14. Icculus


Off To Camp- Lawn Boy Era (5/89-5/91)

  1. The Squirming Coil
  2. Reba
  3. My Sweet One
  4. Split Open and Melt
  5. The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
  6. Bathtub Gin
  7. Run Like an Antelope
  8. Lawn Boy
  9. Bouncing Around the Room


While I’m Young- A Picture of Nectar  Era   6/91 – 8/92

  1. Llama
  2. Eliza
  3. Cavern
  4. Poor Heart
  5. Stash
  6. Manteca
  7. Guelah Papyrus
  8. Magilla
  9. The Landlady
  10. Glide
  11. Tweezer
  12. The Mango Song
  13. Chalk Dust Torture
  14. Catapult
  15. Faht
  16. Tweezer Reprise

The Feeling I Forgot- Billy Breathes Era 2/96 – 3/97

  1. Free
  2. Character Zero
  3. Waste
  4. Taste
  5. Cars Trucks Buses
  6. Talk
  7. Theme From the Bottom
  8. Train Song
  9. Bliss
  10. Billy Breathes
  11. Swept Away
  12. Steep
  13. Prince Caspian


These were a blast to do. It was a way to work on different methods of illustration (digital/traditional) as well as practice for the upcoming summer tour.  I had the chance to go back and relisten to a couple gems (the White Tape was a blast!) and draw those seldom heard songs.  While RiverportGin doesn’t have plans to make complilations for the 2.0 and 3.0 albums in the near future, I plan to continue illustrating the rest of the albums, possibly create a poster with them.

Track listings and song histories courtesy of

© 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.


Phish Riviera Maya 1/15-1/17 2016

Phish recently played their first ever shows in Mexico, on the beaches of Barcelo Maya Resort.  I wasn’t able to make it, but at least was able to watch it live via stream.  These show setlists are available for purchase as a 3 print set of the entire run.


Link Friday, 01/15/2016
Barceló Maya Beach, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Set 1: A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > My Soul, Martian Monster > Ya Mar, Halley’s Comet > Fuego > The Wedge, Theme From the Bottom > Free > David Bowie

Set 2: Drowned -> What’s the Use? > Sand -> Ghost -> Also Sprach Zarathustra >Wolfman’s Brother > Possum, Shine a Light

Encore: Rock and Roll

· Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley tease in Possum
· Theme from Gilligan’s Island tease in David Bowie

Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish. David Bowie contained a Theme fromGilligan’s Island tease from Mike. Trey teased Sneakin’ Sally in Possum. Jefferson Waful assisted Chris Kuroda on lights for the first time and would do so for the rest of the weekend’s shows.


Link Saturday, 01/16/2016
Barceló Maya Beach, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Set 1: Camel Walk, 555 > Rift, Cities -> Light > Simple -> Timber (Jerry) > Wading in the Velvet Sea, Reba[1], Chalk Dust Torture

Set 2: Golden Age -> Prince Caspian > Halfway to the Moon, Joy, 46 Days ->Twenty Years Later > Julius, Harry Hood

Encore: Character Zero

[1] No whistling.

· Magilla tease in Simple
· Reba quote in Chalk Dust Torture

Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish. Page teased Magilla during Simple. Reba did not contain the whistling ending, but Trey briefly quoted Reba’s whistling coda in Chalk Dust.


Link Sunday, 01/17/2016
Barceló Maya Beach, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Set 1: Mexican Cousin, The Curtain With, Sample in a Jar, Yarmouth Road, The Landlady, Army of One, Kill Devil Falls > Bathtub Gin, Funky Bitch > The Moma Dance[1] > Saw It Again

Set 2: Down with Disease[1] > Roggae > Crosseyed and Painless > Farmhouse >Mike’s Song > Bug > Weekapaug Groove, Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: The Ocean[2]

[1] Unfinished.
[2] Phish debut.

· Shipwreck and The Rover quotes in Down with Disease
· Shipwreck and I Don’t Live Today quotes in Crosseyed and Painless
· Shipwreck quote in Weekapaug Groove

Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish and featured the Phish debut of The Ocean. Moma Dance and DWD were unfinished. Trey teased The Rover at the start of DWD. DWD, Crosseyed, and Weekapaug contained Shipwreck quotes. Crosseyed also contained an I Don’t Live Today quote from Fish. Trey teased Your Pet Cat in Weekapaug.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.


The Phish Skull Studies


A shower thought (and drawing lots of Dead art) led me to doing some skull studies recently.  My original thought was some kind of Mike Gordon Steal Your Face/F ck Your Face mashup, and led to this series of Skulls inspired by the members of the band.  I started these over Thanksgiving weekend (Trey was drawn while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready) and got a positive response online.  I had originally done these to as practice drawing skulls/ using crosshatching techniques, but upon the insistence of the interwebs, finished up the set and made prints for sale.

Prints are for sale in my shop, and I have them available in several sizes.  I have prints of all four images in 11×17 and 8.5×11 sizes, as well individual prints of Cactus, Big Red, Henrietta, and the Chairman of the Boards, or a suite of all four prints.