Phish SPAC Run 2019

7-2-19 SPAC I web
This show featured the Phish debut of Cathy’s Clown. Down with Disease was unfinished. The lyrics on Scent of a Mule were changed to reference Cathy’s Clown. Fee featured Trey on megaphone. During the soundcheck, Page teased the Star Trek theme before Home and Trey teased Tweezer Reprise before A Life Beyond The Dream.


7-3-19 SPAC II web


Prints are available in my shop!  Choose from a single night, or both nights. Orders over $35 get free shipping, and I also have my linocut (low quantity alert!) from SPAC available!


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Summer Tour 2019: SPAC


“I must inquire, Wilson, can you still have fun?”

The ninth print in my Summer 2019 series.  This is the print that almost didn’t make it with me at Saratoga Springs.  I was actually carving it on lot in Camden, which was fun because it actually helped a lot of people understand the process.  I finished carving it, and printed them the night before the shows.  For SPAC, I opted for the horse racing theme (yeah, I know it’s been done before!) Albrecht Dürer had done a lot of prints with horses, but his wood cut “Saint George and the Dragon” (1504) caught my eye with its king in the background, which made me instantly think of Wilson.

Prints are 9×12 on 11×14 paper, and  hand carved and printed. Black and white editions are printed on 140 lb watercolor paper, and the color variants are printed on 98 lb mixed media paper. Black and white are an edition of 30, and a lime green variant of 10.  Due to the nature of the process each print may slightly differ in background color. I had these with me on lot at SPAC and the remaining  prints are now available in my shop:

Albrecht Dürer- “Saint George and the Dragon” (1504)