Phish Gorge Run 2021

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Night 1

SET 1Torn and FrayedNo Men In No Man’s LandLeavesSplit Open and MeltTubeI Been AroundHa Ha HaMullShadeAlaska > Golgi Apparatus

SET 2Sigma Oasis > What’s the Use?Blaze On > Lifeboy > Camel Walk -> Chalk Dust Torture[1] > Slave to the Traffic Light

ENCOREDrift While You’re Sleeping[1] Unfinished.

Trey teased Let It Grow in No Men In No Man’s Land. Leaves was performed for the first time since September 3, 2017 (102 shows). Trey teased Super Bad in Tube. Ha Ha Ha was performed for the first time since August 6, 2017 (105 shows). Chalk Dust Torture was unfinished.

Night 2

SET 1Carini > Maze > 46 DaysEsther555 > Divided SkySwept Away > SteepBoogie On Reggae Woman > Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

SET 2Sand > Down with Disease[1] > Prince Caspian > Mountains in the MistScents and Subtle Sounds > Bug > Possum

ENCOREBittersweet Motel > Heavy ThingsAbout to Run[1] Unfinished.

Esther was performed for the first time since July 30, 2017 (111 show gap). DWD was unfinished.

Night 3

SET 1Cool Amber and Mercury > The Moma DanceFreeLonely TripHow Many People Are You > Bathtub Gin > Back on the TrainMy Friend, My Friend[1] > RiftCharacter Zero

SET 2Mr. Completely -> MeatCrosseyed and Painless -> Saw It Again > The Mango Song > Everything’s Right > Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1 > I Always Wanted It This Way

ENCOREShine a Light > First Tube[1] No “Myfe” ending.

Trey teased No Men In No Man’s Land in Back on the Train. My Friend My My Friend didn’t contain the “Myfe” ending. Trey teased L.A. Woman and Fire (Ohio Players) in Character Zero. Mr. Completely contained There is a Mountain teases from Trey and Page. Mr. Completely was teased in Crosseyed. I Always Wanted It This Way contained Mr. Completely and Crosseyed teases.

Prints are available in my shop as well as digital downloads of the prints. You can purchase an individual night, pick 2 or all three shows at a discount! All orders ship with a postcard miniprint of my show poster for Summer Tour 2021.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2021  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. Used with permission.

Phish Gorge 7/20-7/22

7-20-18 Gorge I web

This show was webcast via Live Phish and featured the Phish debut of Set Your Soul Free. Trey teased Third Stone From the Sun at the end of Wolfman’s Brother. Chalk Dust was unfinished and My Friend didn’t contain the “Myfe” ending.

7-21-18 Gorge II web

This show was webcast via Live Phish and marked the debut of Infinite. Trey teased the Theme from S.W.A.T. in Mike’s Song and It’s Ice. Mike teased Nellie Kane in Weekapaug Groove. It’s Ice also included a Mind Left Body Jam tease from Trey. Golden Age contained Tweezer teases.

7-22-18 Gorge III web

This show was webcast via Live Phish. The Birds was quoted in Birds of a Feather. Trey teased The Little Drummer Boy and the Theme from S.W.A.T. in Crosseyed. Twist contained Heartbreaker, Crosseyed, and Time Loves a Hero teases. Crosseyed was teased and quoted in Split Open and Melt.
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Gorge Set
Setlists/notes © 1990-2018  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Phish Summer 2018 Series- The Gorge

The second print in my summer tour series.  For the Gorge shows, I decided to create an homage to the poster for “The Amazing Colossal Man” ( 1957) which was illustrated by Albert Kallis .  In place of the colossal man, I opted for George Washington, since it definitely seem appropriate for a show taking place in George, WA.  Using photos of Washington’s actual uniform, I  recreated the original poster, adding the actual Gorge background, as well as the stage. The print was hand drawn in sections, then inked and watercolored to create the complete image.  They were later scanned, and digitally arranged to create a version that is true to the original poster.  This was originally the only poster to not contain Phish lyrics, but as I created more posters (which included lyrics), it seemed like the odd man out.  After many suggestions from others, as well as lots of researching, I finally decided on lyrics from 555.  Oddly enough one of the planes has 555 on it, so it seemed fitting that I ended up using lyrics from that song!

Da Gorge web

Prints are 13×19 on cardstock, and limited to a signed edition of 150. I currently have a small presale going on in my shop ( ) , I will have prints available at the Gorge as well (although I won’t be there).

600full-the-amazing-colossal-man-posterDa Gorge web