An Asteroid Crashed and Nothing Burned

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I’ve just released my newest print, inspired by lyrics from the Phish song “Tube”. This was originally going to be my poster for their shows in Atlantic City.  I was halfway through with the drawing when it seemed obvious that there were no concerts happening this summer, but wanted to finish it (mainly for therapeutic value!)  It’s drawn using micron pens, with the smaller details created using a .005 sized pen.  I had a lot of fun with this, and it includes many hidden Phish references, as well as some randomness here and there.

I’ve drawn this image several times throughout the last 10 years or so.  The first one was an 18×24 ink and watercolor illustration, and several others were simpler 8×10 canvases, as well as some hand drawn sticker versions.


Prints are signed and numbered, limited to an edition of 50, printed on 13×19 high quality glossy paper (110# cover).  Each order ships with extras.

Purchase here:


Surrender to the Flow #50

I was recently interviewed for the last issue of Surrender to the Flow, a publication created by Phish fans for Phish fans.  If you’ve gone to any show in the last 18 years, chances are you’ve seen them on lot.

20160714_095911  20160714_095926

A treasure trove of vital information any phan should know about the venues they’ll be visiting, as well as stories and articles about the band, scene, and phans. Created in 1998 (before the luxury of smartphone), each issue told you what you need to know for your trip, especially when doing multi city tours.

I was interviewed by Sydne Kasle, who ran across my artwork on the internet.  She contacted me with questions (that I’m sure a lot of people had), and I was happy to answer! The issue(their 50th!), was given out for free at all the east coast shows.  You can also download the issue as a PDF here.  It’s free, but you can always donate to support this publication, which is created by volunteers.  Surrender to the Flow is currently on their 51st issue, which covers and will be available during Phish’s west coast run, as well as online.


Phish Studio Era Compilations

I recently provided some art for a Phish compilation created by Reddit user RiverportGin. It coincided with my ongoing project of creating song illustrations for Phish’s discography.  Gin approached me about doing the album art at the perfect time and me being  fan of Phan compilations, was happy to help out. This allowed me to draw the songs that Phish rarely plays live, and made me revisit their studio albums, which I haven’t heard in years.  According to RiverportGin, “The idea is to capture what was happening live at the time leading up to and immediately following each of the Phish studio albums. The start date for each compilation corresponds to when Phish
started studio work for the album and ends just before work on the next album

I was asked to include the songs found on each album, although they aren’t all in the compilations.  RiverportGin came up with the titles based off lyrics, which I then illustrated.


Sound of the Storm- Farmhouse Era (11/99 – 2/00)

  1. Farmhouse
  2. Twist
  3. Bug
  4. Back on the Train
  5. Heavy Things
  6. Gotta Jibboo
  7. Dirt
  8. Piper
  9. Sleep
  10. The Inlaw Josie Wales
  11. Sand
  12. First Tube
  13. Driver
  14. Mountains in the Mist



Flocking Outside- Story of The Ghost Era (4/97 – 10/99)

  1. Ghost
  2. Birds of a Feather
  3. Meat
  4. Guyute
  5. Fikus
  6. Shafty
  7. Limb By Limb
  8. Frankie Says
  9. Brian and Robert
  10. Water in the Sky
  11. Roggae
  12. Wading in the Velvet Sea
  13. The Moma Dance
  14. End of Session



This Has All Been Wonderful- Hoist Era (10/93 – 1/96)

  1. Julius
  2. Down with Disease
  3. If I Could
  4. Riker’s Mailbox
  5. Axilla (Part II)
  6. Lifeboy
  7. Sample in a Jar
  8. Wolfman’s Brother
  9. Scent of a Mule
  10. Dog Faced Boy
  11. Demand



The Overhead View- Rift Era ( 9/92 – 9/93)

  1. Rift
  2. Fast Enough for You
  3. Lengthwise
  4. Maze
  5. Sparkle
  6. Horn
  7. The Wedge
  8. My Friend, My Friend
  9. Weigh
  10. All Things Reconsidered
  11. Mound
  12. It’s Ice
  13. Lengthwise
  14. The Horse
  15. Silent in the Morning

There should be 2 more compilations (Billy Breathes and Picture of Nectar Eras) but I plan to complete all the albums in the coming months.

Track listings and song histories courtesy of

© 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Phish Song Illustrations VI

I’ve been on a roll lately with these watercolors.  It’s been fun playing around with watercolors as well as taking my time illustrating these songs.  Most of the original drawings used in my illustrated setlists were drawn, inked, and then scanned and colored digitally while the show was in progress (I was lucky enough to be able to stream a live show for all most of summer, fall, and the Miami tour). My goal is to illustrate as many songs as I can for the summer illustrated setlists. I’ll take requests for songs, and I’ll be posting the ones I do for sale via my shop

Bathtub Gin

“Cause we’re all in this together, and we love to take a bath”

Available for sale



“The overhead view is of me in a maze”

Available for sale


The Wedge

“Take the highway to the Great Divide”

Available for sale


The Sloth

“They call me the sloth (Way down in the ghetto)”

Available for Sale


Phish Song Illustrations V

Part IV

Part III

Part II

Part I

Phish Songs Illustrations V

David Bowie


“David Bowie, UB40”




“Do tigers sleep in lily patches?”


Punch You In the Eye


“How was I to know that day that the winds had swept me Wilson’s way”




“Read a little book about Vlad the Impaler”


These illustrations sell pretty quick, but I’ll be posting more as I make them. I still have a few available, as well as illustrated setlists from summer/fall 2014 as well as the NYE run.