The Gamehendge Series

I recently finished up my illustrations of the Gamehendge series.  I initially started this project in June of 2013, but after doing 4 illustrations, I put the idea aside as I worked on other things.  I finally got to finish this series when I was recently commissioned to illustrate all the songs for a book they wanted to make for their niece.  In the end I ended up drawing all the other songs that take place pre/post TMWSIY, or pertain to Gamehendge in one way or another (some can be debatable).  I did about 20 6×8 ink and watercolor illustrations total.

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

"..he knew it had always been there, and felt foolish for overlooking the door for so long." -TMWSIY
“..he knew it had always been there, and felt foolish for overlooking the door for so long.” -TMWSIY

The Lizards

"He said that we could swim it if we tried"
“He said that we could swim it if we tried”


"Tela, jewel of Wilson's foul domain"
“Tela, jewel of Wilson’s foul domain”


"Can you still have fun?"
“Can you still have fun?”


"Brain dead and made of money"
“Brain dead and made of money”

Colonel Forbin’s Ascent

"And he climbed so slowly"
“And he climbed so slowly”

Fly Famous Mockingbird


The Sloth

“Italian spaghetti, singing falsetto”


"The road was his end"
“The road was his end”

I will be releasing prints soon, and maybe a poster.  The images will also be used in this tour’s illustrated setlists.  I’m working transitioning to all ink and watercolor (Ive got about 40 songs already illustrated).  I’ll also have work at the PhanArt Show during the Mann run (August 12) at the World Live Cafe, so come by and check it out before the show

Phish Song Illustrations III


First Tube



“Yanked on my tunic and dangled my stash”


Fly Famous Mockingbird

Available for sale Sold

The Lizards

“He said we can swim it if we tried.”

Available for sale

I’ll take requests for specific songs, inquiries can be sent to me via direct message on twitter, instagram, or facebook.

A page about art about a band.

Welcome!  My name’s Josean, and I’m a fan of Phish.  I’m also an artist and an educator.  But I really like Phish.  So much, that once tour dates are announced, whatever I’m working on gets pushed aside and the lot art begins.  I usually do block prints, drawings, paintings, and stickers (check them out at But during tour they tend to be Phish related.  Some people love it, others don’t.  So I decided to create this blog.  I’m sure I’ll get less “Phish?Really” comments from followers on social media (@joseeen), not that it matters.  Phish is a big influence on my art, whether or not it shows in all my art.  This blog allows me to show and archive it exclusively  in one place, as well as give people a chance to buy art pertaining to a certain band they fancy.  Check out my Etsy for my art, Phish related or not.  The first couple posts will be reblogs from my other site, but I’ll be including new work, works in progress, as well as sketches from couch tour.  Follow me on twitters for updates!