Phish 7/9/16 Hartford, CT

7-9 Hartford - Copy

Setlist Phish: Sat, Jul 09, 2016
XFINITY Theatre, Hartford, CT

Soundcheck: Let Me Lie, Pigtail, Pebbles and Marbles, Unknown song

Set 1: Pigtail, The Moma Dance, Birds of a Feather, Meat, Vultures > Free, Let Me Lie, Halley’s Comet> Julius, You Enjoy Myself[1]

Set 2: Down with Disease[2] > Sand > Tela, Carini > Twenty Years Later > Run Like an Antelope >Backwards Down the Number Line

Encore: The Lizards, Loving Cup

[1] Trey on Marimba Lumina, Page on bass, Mike on keys for portion of the jam.
[2] Unfinished.

Notes: The Birds was quoted at the end of BOAF. Let Me Lie was last performed on August 10, 2010 (229 shows). Portions of the YEM jam featured Trey on Marimba Lumina, Mike on keys, and Page on bass. DWD was unfinished.

Setlist/notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

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Phish Philly Spectrum 12/10-12/11/99

I was recently commissioned to create the setlist for the shows at the Spectrum in Philly back in 1999.  Working with some suggestions from the person requesting the shows, I included some Philly sports icons, Julius Erving and Ron Hextall.  This was a fun project, and it allowed me to draw up some new songs.  I’m always open to do commissioned setlists, although with summer tour approaching it could take a bit.  Feel free to contact me via twitter, facebook, or instagram.

I made a very small edition of these (only 5), and have 4 of each available for sale via my shop.

12-10-99 Spectrum copy - Copy

Link Friday, 12/10/1999
First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Tweezer > Bouncing Around the Room, Horn, Heavy Things, Dogs Stole Things,My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Roggae, Birds of a Feather, Guyute, Loving Cup

Set 2: Gotta Jibboo, The Wedge, David Bowie[1] -> Have Mercy -> Hold Your Head Up[2] > Cracklin’ Rosie > Hold Your Head Up, Twist, Waste

Encore: Ride Captain Ride

[1] Unfinished.
[2] Have Mercy melody and a vacuum solo.

· Have Mercy tease in Hold Your Head Up


Notes: Bowie was unfinished. The jam out of Have Mercy included a snippet of Bowie before returning to Have Mercy. The subsequent reggae-style HYHU contained a Have Mercy melody before leading to a vacuum solo.

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12-11-99 Spectrum copy - Copy


Link Saturday, 12/11/1999
First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Harry Hood > Mike’s Song > Simple > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove,When the Circus Comes, Scent of a Mule, Cavern

Set 2: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley[1] -> Ghost -> Also Sprach Zarathustra > Down with Disease

Encore: Possum[2]

[1] No vocal jam.
[2] All Fall Down signal.

· AC/DC Bag tease in Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley
· Sand tease in Ghost


Notes: Sneakin’ Sally began with an AC/DC Bag tease and did not contain a vocal jam. Trey teased Sand in Ghost. Possum included an All Fall Down signal.

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Setlist/Notes © 1990-2016 The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc.

Phish Summer Tour Posters pt II

Here’s the next installment of my Phish summer tour posters for 2016.  I’m more than half way to my goal of illustrating all 15 venues they’ll be playing at (including Lockn’).  The fishing theme continues with each venue’s state fish. I’ve enjoyed getting back to working with micron pens, as well as working digitally (and learning new things along the way) to create these posters.  I’ve taken people’s thoughts and opinions into consideration for these last couple, as well as some edits to the previous ones (“I still call it Deer Creek”) .  I’m looking forward to drawing some west coast fish, and will be posting them soon.


In the meantime I’ve just opened up my new shop,, where all the posters from this series will be available, although I will continue to have my setlist posters available in my etsy shop.

Phish 2016 Summer Tour Posters

For this summer’s tour I decided to take on the ambitious project of creating a show poster for every venue this year.  On top of doing an illustrated setlist for every show.  So yeah…ambitious may be an understatement.  As challenging as this may be, I’ve had a lot of fun drawing these. I wanted a common theme for all the posters, and risking the overused fish theme, opted to illustrate the state fish for each venue. The drawings are micron pen and watercolors, along with some digital imaging.  Here are the first 5 I’ve done so far.  I hope to complete the rest before tour starts, and release them for sale in my shop (also on lot at SPAC) around the time of each show.

Walleye St Paul MN copy

Wrigley Field copy

Indiana copy

mann center copy

SPAC copy

More to come soon!



Dead and Company : 11/5/15 Philadelphia, Pa

I made these posters for the the Dead & Co. show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.  I live about a mile or so from the venue, so it seemed logical to make something for this event (and maybe score a ticket below face). Although I didn’t get a ticket, I was able to stream the show, and promptly headed back afterwards.  I still have some remaining prints, and have them available in my  shop.

The Gamehendge Series

I recently finished up my illustrations of the Gamehendge series.  I initially started this project in June of 2013, but after doing 4 illustrations, I put the idea aside as I worked on other things.  I finally got to finish this series when I was recently commissioned to illustrate all the songs for a book they wanted to make for their niece.  In the end I ended up drawing all the other songs that take place pre/post TMWSIY, or pertain to Gamehendge in one way or another (some can be debatable).  I did about 20 6×8 ink and watercolor illustrations total.

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

"..he knew it had always been there, and felt foolish for overlooking the door for so long." -TMWSIY

“..he knew it had always been there, and felt foolish for overlooking the door for so long.” -TMWSIY

The Lizards

"He said that we could swim it if we tried"

“He said that we could swim it if we tried”


"Tela, jewel of Wilson's foul domain"

“Tela, jewel of Wilson’s foul domain”


"Can you still have fun?"

“Can you still have fun?”


"Brain dead and made of money"

“Brain dead and made of money”

Colonel Forbin’s Ascent

"And he climbed so slowly"

“And he climbed so slowly”

Fly Famous Mockingbird


The Sloth


“Italian spaghetti, singing falsetto”


"The road was his end"

“The road was his end”

I will be releasing prints soon, and maybe a poster.  The images will also be used in this tour’s illustrated setlists.  I’m working transitioning to all ink and watercolor (Ive got about 40 songs already illustrated).  I’ll also have work at the PhanArt Show during the Mann run (August 12) at the World Live Cafe, so come by and check it out before the show